Build your show

At Creative Gal Productions, we are here to assist you in “creating” a top quality experience for your audience!

If you can answer the following questions, we can help you “build” your show to best meet your needs:

1. What is the purpose of your event or show?

  1. Project or charity Fundraiser
  2. For profit event
  3. Private or special occasion
  4. Educational or self help

2. What type of entertainment do you want to provide?

  1. Live musical band (genre of music?)
  2. Track show
  3. Single musician
  4. Topic Speakers
  5. Comedians
  6. Specialty Act (Mentalist, illusionist, magician, dancer etc.)
  7. Showband (Big band, orchestra, special tributes)

3. When & Where?

  1. Date range and specific day & time
  2. Venue and location

4. What is your budget range?

  1. $500 to $1000
  2. $1001 to $2500
  3. $2501 to $5000
  4. $5001 or more

5. Admission Details?

  1. Gate Admission/At door price
  2. Tickets (Online sales, In House sales)
  3. Ticket type (GA or Reserved)
  4. Donation
  5. Free

Next, contact CREATIVE GAL PRODUCTIONS to fine tune the remaining details with you, one on one!